Tumblr dedicated to the one and only, Jesse Hasek, singer of the band 10 Years.

***None of the pictures on here are mine, except for some but still, if you'd like credit for any photo just let me know!


Wasteland - 10 Years

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Jesse Hasek | Buzz Weenie Roast 2014
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Jesse Hasek | July 19, 2014 - Buzz Weenie Roast
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10 Years + Stone Temple Pilots | July 19, 2014
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Jesse Hasek | July 19, 2014 - Buzz Weenie Roast
"From beneath these bones, God only knows whose too dark to reach, too bright to teach…There’s no life in these seeds, it’s the growth of disease."

"Forever Fields (Sowing Season)"

- 10 Years

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"The pride of a lion is your disguise
But the fear of a coward’s in your eyes"
10 Years (via labrynthian-reality)

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Just discovered this band. In love.

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So Long, Goodbye - 10 Years

Keep changing your mind like clouds in the sky
Love me when you’re high, leave me when you cry
I know it all takes time
Like a river running dry when the sun’s too bright

So long, this is goodbye
May we meet again in another life
Like strangers passing by
May we see clearly in a different light.

Keep dodging lights, like a thief in the night
The sun will rise and expose all our lies
So why deny that you and I lead different lives?
The rivers from your eyes can’t change my mind.

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"Innocence is ugly in the eyes of the one who is guilty."
10 Years, “Fault Line” (via darkwordsofmine)

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"Keep changing your mind.
Like clouds in the sky.
Love me when your high.
Leave me when you cry."
10 Years So long, Goodbye (via sayashley6)

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