Tumblr dedicated to the one and only, Jesse Hasek, singer of the band 10 Years.

***None of the pictures on here are mine, except for some but still, if you'd like credit for any photo just let me know!

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woot gonna go see 10 years at oyster bake!

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10 Years - Paralyzing Kings

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10 Years  | Wasteland 

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My favorite band in the whole world, 10 Years, traveled here to see my other favorite band, TOOL.
We were all in the same venue at the same time.
Can I


And for today’s music selection we have Fix Me by 10 Years on their album Feeding the Wolves. A wonderful album by a wonderful band high recommendations from me.

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"And I, I am the liar you made"
10 Years, The Wicked Ones (via heathen-wolf)

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Don’t Fight It - 10 Years

So I figured I could upload my Bethyl song of the day… >.>

Gone are all the days when this was easy
Tomorrow can’t hold on to yesterday
If you fall back into me,
I won’t fight it, I won’t fight it
Show me what you need from me
Don’t hide it, don’t hide it

Memories stuck in my head
All the things I should’ve said.
If I fall back into you
Don’t fight it, don’t fight it.

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10 Years, the main show of the night