Tumblr dedicated to the one and only, Jesse Hasek, singer of the band 10 Years.

***None of the pictures on here are mine, except for some but still, if you'd like credit for any photo just let me know!

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Falling away
I feel me changing
expressions so vague,
Why aren’t you screaming..

Falling away
I feel me changing
expressions so vague,
Why aren’t you screaming?!

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"How long will you scream at the walls for someone to listen?"

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Memories my mind still replays
Comforting thoughts ‘til I awake.
The presence of you is haunting through shapes
Reflecting your image off on my face
Whispered desire to know you’re at peace
Blank in the eyes you’re vacant to me
So with the spirit entirely strong
Entirely strong it’s time to move on

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beneath-the-rose-above-the-thorn: Your blog is so precious because it's one of the only ones dedicated to Jesse and it's so awesome :)

Thanks! Glad you like it :D

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“The mic challenged a staring contest”
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“Not allowed to talk about it”


One More Day - 10 Years

They can’t take this away, it’s far from over..

We can’t stay in a place we don’t belong..

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Boyfriend bought me the complete discography.
"No one knows the secrets that I keep.
No one knows what’s in my head.
Can’t control the other side of me.
I have lost myself."
10 Years (via senseless-tragedy)

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"Another day at the office"

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So, I really want to go to this New Years Eve show for 10 Years - it’s basically a once in a lifetime chance! I would need plane tickets, and a hotel, rental car.. and someone to go with, someone worth making a memory with. But, I am so in love with 10 Years and their music, it would be worth every dollar I spent.