Tumblr dedicated to the one and only, Jesse Hasek, singer of the band 10 Years.

***None of the pictures on here are mine, except for some but still, if you'd like credit for any photo just let me know!

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10 Years | acoustic set - Las Vegas Hard Rock - March 19th, 2014
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"Drunks on failures regrets
Letters of silence confess burdens within
Speaking as loneliness listens
While hopelessly feeling"
10 Years (Cast It Out)

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Beautiful // 10 Years

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Going through the wreckage
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I love this song so much.
"Heave the silver hollow sliver
Piercing through another victim
Turn and tremble be judgmental
Ignorant to all the symbols
Blind the face with beauty paste
Eventually you’ll one day know"
10 Years (via senseless-tragedy)

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Just so you all know, this man (and his voice) is gorgeous. 
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10 Years - Fix Me

I’m fine in the fire, I feed on the friction

I’m right where I should be don’t try and fix me

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